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Thursday 7th June

The Joy of Being one Family: A few Days with Kalpana Didi

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The whole day was embedded in an undescribably huge amount of love, which did not only find it´s expression in presents and a cake prepared for Kalpana Didis´ farewell, who has been giving us so much love and joy over the last four days; the Love was all around, it was "in the air", coming out of every corner of the castle, maybe out of Shri Mataji´s rooms, but entering into all the secret little nooks, seeping deeply into our hearts. It also found its expression in small, small gestures of love, which could be observed being exchanged between the Yogis throughout the day. It was a day, which deepened the experience of being one universal, loving family, resulting in a „familyportrait“ by our photographer, with us just having received gifts by Shri Mataji and Kalpana Didi.

It was the fourth day in a row, that Kalpana had been guiding the cooks and the ladies on how to prepare meals for fifty people in the way that Shri Mataji has taught her to do. She was giving advice on what qualities of spices to buy, how to find the balance in the taste, reminding about the precision required and what feeling is needed to cook a meal in order to make it tasty and satisfying to the eater. With her whole approach to cooking and the love she put into it, she took those ladies back to that time, when they had cooking lessons by Shri Mataji in Cabella personally. Reviving their memories, memories of Our Great Mother. They remembered the strictness, the care about every detail as well as the softness, love and joy, she put into every meal.

There have been videorecordings of three of the meals, which will be available at the end of this year, and might help in addition to Shri Mataji´s Cookingbook to recreate the completely rounded meals, Our Mother used to serve to the Yogis and which she also wants us to be able to prepare. It is not only about how to mix the ingredients together, but also about the attitude, the inner balance of the cook...



By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, Assam State,NE Region of India on Saturday 9th June

Jai Shri Mataji !

What a divine atmosphere !

Even the cake is also reminding us of one of the Dasa-mahaguru tatva.  

By karun sanghi from kolkata,india on Wednesday 13th June

     She is the one who never showed off her quality but is full of human quality with sense of divinity as a part of her life, which teaches how one could develop to their discretion in handling each occasion and situation. Each one of us can easily smell and remember her love and affection to all of us.