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Tuesday 21st August

Shri Mataji on Her Surprise Excursion

This morning Cabella saw rains and clouds that covered the skies. We were all surprised when we Shri Mataji came to Her living room and had the main entrance door wide open to the gentle breeze. To further our surprise Mother decided to come out on the bridge.

 As the rain turned to light drizzle, in complete unanticipation She decided to go on a short drive. Bewildered yogis ran around to prepare the bridge and the car for Her excursion. It took us 10 minutes to get prepared while Shri Mataji was enjoying our moments of sweet commotion.

 Shri Mataji, along with Sir CP entered the car. Mother was concerned for the yogis who were standing around Her in the drizzle "They shoudn't get wet" She exclaimed, adding "Look! they are happy."

 Finally Mother took off around the hills of the Borbera valley. Some other yogis quickly followed completely unaware of their destination. It was scenic to see light clouds descending and resting against the hills - almost magic. "You can not see such things in India" She said.

 Further in the Valley it was heavenly, to see the lush greenery, trees that covered the hills. "Is there somewhere particular you want to go?" asked Sir CP to which Mother replied "Nowhere" - they kept driving.

 Shri Mataji went further enjoying the Italian beauty "This is paradise, you live in such a beautiful country, God has blessed you so much".

 Mother's car turned back for the castle after half an hour of this most surprising tour. And to make the return trip even better the rain had stopped by now, the clouds moved apart to show a magnificent blue sky with the the sun shining through and whose light embellished the hills. Shri Mataji kept looking out of Her car, relishing the nature - not skipping any detail.

 At the castle Mother asked yuvas to go see the nature and enjoy the meandering river. Once inside the castle Mother never stopped mentioning the beauty of Italy and that nothing came close to it - not Kashmir in India or Switzerland.


While yogis at the castle, who had the opportunity of being with Mother on this trip, were busy telling others about this amazing journey, Shri Mataji saw some of Her children from Rome and other parts of south Italy. A young couple brought their one month old baby in front of Mother, "He will be a great Sahaj Yogi. Look how quiet he is; like a saint. He will be a great saint". Angelo (Angel) was the name to which Mother, after a small pause said "An Indian name as well.... Devdoot". She further explained that the name meant messenger of God.

 While the bewildered yogis sat in front of Mother, She asked each one where they were from. She expressed Her desire to learn Italian. "Mother you are the source of all languages" the yogis said in one voice. Mother asked them to go eat. "We all love you Shri Mataji" they all said and bowed down; leaving the room rejuvenated by the experience and love of Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji, You are infinite Love and Compassion, we bow to Thee.



By felicity from canada on Wednesday 22nd August

 Beautiful !what a treasure, thankyou 

By ruthvick from ann arbor, usa on Wednesday 22nd August

What a beautiful new phase we are witnessing... 'paradise gained'.  

By Cyro Ribeiro from Brazil on Wednesday 22nd August

Dear brothers and sisters, thank you so much for these news (nearly on line!). They give us such a joy to read about Mother showing us how is it to be completely free, going to nowhere, lost in the enjoyment of the present.

By Vidya Suresh from Dubai, United Arab Emirates on Thursday 23rd August

It was so much of a bliss to read about mother's excursion first thing in the morning as I opened my computer at the office. Mother is always full of surprises. She is the sweetest mother that we could be blessed with, I am so happy for all my sahaji brothers and sisters in Cabella who are with our loving mother and able to enjoy all these with her. Mother's love keeps flowing unsurpassed like the waters of a huge waterfall. We at Dubai are still floating in the wonderful and nostalgic memories of our dear mother's stay here for a week. We all loved and enjoyed every moment of all the magical moments that we got to spend with her. Keep us posted and enjoy each and every second that you all spend with our mother. With all our nirmal love - UAE collective

By dinesh kumar from delhi, india on Thursday 23rd August


By anaïc from france on Thursday 23rd August

thank-you so much brothers and sisters : this day was my birthday and yours news are the best gifts I could receive

By from india on Thursday 23rd August

 it is really a pleasure to read mother's love which was showing around hills in the form of beautiful nature

By bala from malaysia on Friday 24th August

 i read story mataji tour around cabella- mother so joyous with nature and beautiful

all world sahajis love to mother. thank you

from seremban collective ,malaysia 

By Harshal from Nasik india on Saturday 25th August

By Sonalika from India on Sunday 26th August

Thank you Mother. Please fill our hearts with the same love and beauty that You have filled this Earth with.

By Dr.Suman Kapila from India on Monday 27th August

overwhelming, feeling the divine vibrations as I was there.

By Sanjeev from Pune, India on Tuesday 28th August

It is just amazing to read this, I could actually feel as if we were witnessing the whole picture of the beauty of the creation of Her self Shri Mataji.

Thank you for sharing this. 


By Ashutosh Bhattacharya from Chindwara, Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday 29th August

Thanks to YOU MOTHER for giving me the Self knowledge.

i read the matter above and i feel how much you love your true Yogi's and you provide all what is useful for us.

Bless me that I able to be your son and feel your love and blessings.

By Nayana from Indore, India on Thursday 30th August

Greetings to the flower children of H.H. Mother, Thanks a ton for sharing this. I could really feel the same divine love of mother how our brothers & sisters in Cabella would have felt. May we always be in the shelter She has blessed us with.... Nayana..

By one drop lost in the ocean of love from world on Thursday 30th August

thank to you great MOTHER, for all your love, for all your blessing !

By Deepak Shinde from India on Saturday 1st September

Jai Shri Mataji

At home also I enjoy the happinees of this trip with shri mataji.....


By Neeta Soni from Delhi,India on Saturday 1st September

  Thank you Mother for showing us how to enjoy this beautiful nature. Mother please show us how to enjoy our life in the presence of so many negative people around us. help us to feel your love & vibrations with the intensity with which you love us.

By Mathivanan from Kuwait (India Chennai) on Sunday 9th September

By Mothers grace

chance for me to there in Italy at Cabella when Shri Adi Shakthi and Sir Cp sir departure to Dubai.

the experience which is not possible to explain by words.