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Monday 28th May

„You can save them“: Yuva Shakti received by Shri Mataji on Pentecost

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Swiss Yuvas, who had come to Cabella just for the weekend, were about to leave Italy again, when they got an opportunity to give the beautiful red and white bouquet of flowers, they had brought in behalf of the Yuva Shakti, to Shri Mataji personally. All the Yuvas present in the Castle were invited to join in.

>> Shri Mataji was very happy to see us. She received us with a smiling face, asking what the occasion for our visit was. One of the Swiss Yuvas said it was the day of „Pentecost“. Shri Mataji looked at the flowers that have been offered to her, then at the Yuvas, then again at the flowers. She asked if they were all italian and what type of flowers they were.

Uncle Sanjay told Shri Mataji that the Yuvas where also doing programs in their country, so they spoke about the activities: On wednesday they participate in their collective programs. “ She asked: „Who is giving the program?“ One of the Yuvas answered that there is a group of Yuvas, rotating. Shri Mataji asked „Do you also speak in the programs?“ They answered: „Yes, Shri Mataji, we do.“ Shri Mataji said: „Very Good“. Then the same Yuva told Shri Mataji about the Yuva Seminar in July, which is going to be held in Italy, in Cabella from ages 16 to 27. Shri Mataji immediately responded „very good“ She then added that „The atmosphere is not good for them.“ By saying that She was talking about the outside world, who makes it hard for young seekers to get their realisation. Her face darkened a little bit. „It is very important what you are doing.“ Then she added: „You can save them.“
When the phone rang, it was their daughter ringing up, Kalpana Didi. While Sir C.P. was speaking to her, Shri Mataji was still appreciating the flowers, wanting to know every detail about them. After the call Shri Mataji elucidated: „Thats my daughter Kalpana.“ And then She laughed heartily. Sir C.P. added: „They are all Your children!“ Shri Mataji said „May God bless you.“ She then saw Machindranath, and said in Hindi „That´s Gregoire´s son!“
Then it was our time to give beautiful pink roses to Shri Mataji, each one of the Yuvas was allowed to individually hand them over to Shri Mataji, who collected them in Her Holy hands, thanking every one of us and still smiling. She asked sweetly: „Everyone brought a flower?!“ She said „these roses look like indian roses“. One of the Yuvas explained, that they were from her own garden. Shri Mataji said again: „May God bless you!“ while smelling all the roses. We all bowed down and left, our hearts trembling and laughing, grateful to be so much under Her attention.<<

After that Shri Mataji added: „Yuva Shakti are first class, because they are very innocent.“ Later „Yuvashakti are strong and solid Sahaja Yogis“ and then „The Yuva Shakti are the best. They are  deep.“ She wanted to know about their staying arrangements, if they had food. She asked them to be looked after well, to give them food and drink.

She fondly and proudly remarked about how the Yuva Shakti had telephoned each other and organised a car to come down and help in Cabella.

„Bolo Shri Adi Shakti Shri Nirmala Devi Qui Jai !!!“



By vinod r navwab from india on Monday 28th May

Shri Adishakti Mataji strongly advocated about the coming Young Sahajis and we are feeling Yuva Shakti is more active in spreading messages of Shri Mataji. The Mother is blessing the society for the divine cause. Millions are still waiting to join Vishwa Nirmal Dharma,'Yuva Shakti' is playing the role. Jai Shri Mataji. 

By Dhanurdhar from Paris (France) on Monday 28th May

Thank you to all of you for sharing those wonderfull unforgetable moments with Adi Shakti, which we are all sharing together... while some are physically there, and all others are in their hearts... all always gathered and united in our Mother's Divine Love. Jai Shri Mataji !

By Deepak Shinde from Parbhani /Maharastra/India on Tuesday 29th May

Jai Shri Mataji, I just saw this website for the first time , I got very happy then. I also saw the opportunity of leave my response: I am very thankfull to all Sahaja Yogis and Shri Mataji. Only because of this site we can keep in touch... Jai Shri Mataji!

By Padma Gupta from Perth, Australia on Wednesday 30th May

Jai Shri Mataji to all the Sahajis worldwide.  It is very exciting to know about the experience of those Yuvas who share their time  with Shri Adishakti Mataji. And we pray that Sahaja Yoga spreads  very fast all over the world. May Adishakti bless all the Sahaja Yogis and clear all the hurdle in getting the self realisation as well as maintaing it. This site is a very nice one. Everyybody can share his knowledge and thoughts through it. Jai Shri Mataji to all.

By Deepa from varanasi, India on Sunday 3rd June

jai shri mataji to all my swiss brothers and sisters

Thanks to all of u from the deep of my heart for sharing this beautiful moment with us which u have spent in the lotus feet of Adishakti. I m really very happy and  I just felt for a moment that i have reached to our mother on hearing this. You all people are very much blessed that u got a oppertunity to offer flowers to Shri mataji and conversation also. I become very happy if u,people will mail me.

Jai shri mataji

By Gabriela Marsh from New York on Sunday 3rd June

Everytime I have tears of Joy when I am reading about the endless  Love of Mother, which I am feeling through my brotheres and sister sharing their moments with Mother which are so precious. Jai Shri Mataji!