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Thursday 16th October

Farewell Shri Mataji, for this year

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Today Shri Mataji departed from Palazzo Dora for India. There were hundreds of Yogis who came from Italy, Austria, England, France and other countries to bid farewell.
Sunday 12th October

Grazie Oh Grande Madre

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Yogis from Italy came to greet Shri Mataji and thank Her for having blessed their country during Her stay for the past 6 months. Hundreds came from the various regions of the Land of the Soul.
Thursday 9th October

Nine Nights of the Goddess

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This year at Palazzo Doria Shri Mataji blessed the yogis by letting them worship Her on every night of the Nine Nights of the Goddess on the occasion of Navratri.
Sunday 5th October

Navaratri Puja

Wednesday 1st October

2nd Night of Navratri

Today the Children from the Centrassi School were received by Shri Mataji. It was all a very pleasant surprise for the children who were in fact rehearsing bhajans and songs to present to Mother on the next available occasion.
Thursday 11th September

Visit to Genoa, 11-9-2008

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Today on this beautiful late summers day Genoa was blessed by Shri Mataji as She visited the city. Shri Mataji went to Her house where She spent several hours in the garden overlooking the city.
Sunday 7th September

Ganesha Puja

Saturday 6th September

Ganesha Puja - Marriages

Friday 5th September

Friday evening

Tuesday 26th August

Picnic at Daglio

Shri Mataji surprised us when She expressed the desire to visit the children at  Centrassi. The children were excited and the staff overjoyed as they saw Her arriving. As soon as the door opened the children flocked to greet Her with flowers.
Sunday 24th August

Krishna Puja

Saturday 23rd August

Krishna Puja - Saturday Evening

Friday 22nd August

Krishna Puja - Friday Evening

Saturday 16th August

Raksha Bandhan & Weddings announcement

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Tonight, on this auspicious occasion, Shri Mataji received a Rakhi from the World Collective, offered by two children who also presented some cards expressing their love. Shri Mataji was also offered some gifts from various collectives and asked permission for holding the Marriage Ceremony and Ganesha Puja in Cabella on the weekend of 6th and 7th September, to which She gracefully gave Her blessings. The evening ended up with the sisters in the Castle tying rakhis to their brothers in the joy of the announcement.
Tuesday 5th August

Guru Puja Video available

Dear brothers and sisters,
Shri Mataji's 2008 Guru Puja speech is not currently available on-line. However, the World Foundation informs us that the DVD of the speech will be on sale in Cabella on the occasion of Krishna Puja 2008.  Orders can be placed directly with the World Foundation by writing to

Jai Shri Mataji

Saturday 2nd August

Shri Mataji Inaugurates the Cabella Sahaja Primary School in Centrassi

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It is with immense joy that we write to you to inform you that today, Saturday 2nd August, Shri Mataji inaugurated the International Cabella Sahaja Primary School in Centrassi.

Monday 28th July

Nirmal Sangeet Sarita at Palazzo Doria

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Today Shri Mataji surprised us all by asking for Nirmal Sangeet Sarita to come to Palazzo Doria to come perform for Her.
Saturday 19th July

Guru Puja 2008

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Jai Shri Mataji

Friday 11th July

Shri Mataji blesses marriages in Russia

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Shri Mataji today blessed the application forms of the Sahaja Yogis who wished to marry in Russia. The marriages will take place in Tolyati on 2nd of August.
Sunday 8th June

Adi Shakti Puja 2008

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Jai Shri Mataji 

Saturday 7th June

Adi Shakti Puja - Evening Program 2008

Sunday 25th May

French Mother’s Day in Paradise

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Today France was blessed with the chance to wish Happy Mother’s Day to Shri Mataji. Mother received a group of French yoginis just after lunch and enjoyed a specially made cake and some gifts from Her French children.
Tuesday 20th May

Buddha Purnima

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Shri Mataji allowed to offer Her puja on the occasion of Buddha Purnima.

Saturday 17th May

Will power and the menace called Alcohol

On Saturday yogis had the chance to offer Shri Mataji flowers. Mother was in great spirits and talked long on various topics.
Tuesday 13th May

Shri Mataji goes shopping

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Shri Mataji gave us, yet another day of excitement and joy when She decided to go  shopping today at Serravalle.

Sunday 11th May

Mother's day

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Today, at Palazzo Doria, Sahaja Yogis were preparing to celebrate Mother's Day. Right from the day break, the weather was sunny with a cool breeze that greeted eager yogis arriving at the castle. Everyone had their hands full with bouquets - small children with roses on long stems. The event to start the day was our 11am Havan. But Shri Mataji had other plans,

Monday 5th May

Mother receives presents on Sahasrara Day

Its the start of 5th of May, 2008 and here we are sharing wonderful news that Shri Mataji has just seen all the gifts that were presented on the occasion of Sahasrara Puja.
Sunday 4th May

Sahasrara Puja 2008

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The Sunday of the Puja was a beautifully gentle, sunny day. The atmosphere was soothing with yogis meditating and enjoying the cool waters of Cabella. Whilst waiting for Param Pujya Shri Mataji
Saturday 3rd May

Saturday Evening Program

It has been a long time since Cabella has seen a 6 hour evening program. It was program full of joy and talented artists entertaining the yogis. From little children dancing, to a sitar concert. The evening concluded with spectacular bhajans from the Austrian and the Ukranian 'Sangam' group.
Monday 21st April

Home sweet home

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It was a rainy morning while at the Castle yogis were getting ready for the arrival of their beloved Mother. But as soon as Shri Mataji's plane landed the rain stopped all of a sudden - both, in Milan as well as Cabella.

Sunday 20th April

Cabella on the eve of Shri Mataji's arrival

There is excitement in the air as we prepare for Mother's arrival tomorrow morning. Yogis are pouring in to the Castle