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Saturday 5th August

A Wonderful Day.

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Wednesday 2nd August was a lovely day in London. You could say it was a Wonderful Day, a special day. All day Shri Mataji had been Chatting, Laughing,making jokes. She Said it was a very auspicious day. Some biscuits have been specially made for Her and sent in on the tea tray. “Ah”, She Says “These biscuits are so good, who made them, I must get the recipe”…A thrilled and delighted Patty is ushered in for a chat. And a cup of Darjeeling tea is offered, made by Rachael. “Aah” Mother Says, “This is the best cup of tea I have had for a long time”…..

Sunday 23rd July

Shri Mataji arrives in the UK

Dearest Brothers & Sisters Our Holy Mother Shri Mataji arrived safely on Sunday evening into the UK. The plane landed at about 7.50 pm. It was a shame that we couldn’t all be there but with baggage hold-ups etc. within the airport it wasn't until 9.50 p.m. that Her car finally pulled away from Terminal One. Mother arrived at Her house safely and was offered three beautiful and fragrant garlands prepared by our sisters followed by Aarti & Prasad. She and Sir C. P. both seemed very well and in good spirits after their long day travelling.

Shri Mataji was very attentive to everyone and seemed genuinely pleased to be here in the UK whilst being gently received by those present. David formally thanked Mother and welcomed Her and Sir C. P. back to the UK. Mother responded with a smile and said: “But not for very long!” (She leaves for the U.S.A. in a few days). Shri Mataji watched as flowers and small gifts were offered to celebrate Her Divine presence and smiled and gestured to everyone expressing tremendous contentment. The moment drew to a close with the opening lines to a very British Bhajan “And Did those feet in ancient times walk upon England's Mountain Green” ..sung in gratitude and praise that again Mother was blessing Albion with Divine Grace.

Mother spoke with several people and after everyone withdrew from Her room said how Joy Giving Her reception had been. It seemed very clear that Her health continues to improve and that hopefully She will enjoy a good rest whilst here in the UK prior to Her onward travels to America.

With love and respect Jai Shri Mataji

Monday 26th June

Impressions of Shri Adi Shakti Puja...II

“Tiny flecks of white sprinkled on her lush green cloak She walks beneath a canopy of blue skies and wispy clouds Bearing silent witness to the spring birds call Come to her heart, the heart of the universe, Where Albion’s born…”

Flanked by caravans all around, it was a regular campsite - yet it felt as if we were existing in Lord Shiva’s abode.

Saturday 17th June

Yuva Shakti Express Deepest Love and Thanks to Our Holy Mother

We have just come out of Mother's living room in Her house in Chiswick UK.

Shri Mataji is leaving tomorrow for Italy. Tonight the UK Sahaja Yoga Committee offered deepest love and gratitude to our Mother during Her stay here in the heart of the universe.

Wednesday 14th June

Impressions of Shri Adi Shakti Puja...I

Shri Adi Shakti Puja, 2006

We have just been blessed with the most wonderful weekend with Our Holy Mother in the UK, celebrating the great occasion of Shri Adi Shakti Puja 2006 in the lush green countryside of Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Over 1,800 brothers and sisters from around the globe – some from as far away as Australia – gathered at the Swiss Farm International Campsite in this pretty boating town by the side of the glittering and sacred River Thames.

Friday 9th June

Opening doors and hearts...

It's time to open the doors to more of our brothers and sisters. The camp is nearing completion and the weather is still beautiful. Could we ask for anything more?

Thursday 8th June

Shri Adi Shakti Puja 2006

And so we begin the joyful task of building the camp at historic Henley-on-Thames in preparation for the visit of over 1500 Sahaja Yogis to the shores of the UK. The countryside is lush, green and in full flower as the glory of summer at last comes to Albion this year. The sky is a beautiful blue, the sun hot and we are in heaven. Literally.

Visit the online diary and view photographs from the event.

Wednesday 7th June

The beginning...

And so we move into the start of the Shri Adi Shakti Puja 2006 week in all its glory. The building of the camp has begun, in many ways mirroring the kind of activity that must have occured time after time down the ages. As yogis we know the reality of this work. We understand that the creation of a Sahaj camp is an integral and vital part of our ascent, in the same way that our meditations are the bricks which build our spiritual self knowledge. The Puja has started and we rejoice...

View the photos

Monday 29th May

Impressions of Sahasrara Puja 2006 - I

The sun shone, bright and cheerful on the Sahasrara Puja weekend, as the characteristic wet and grey of May retreated in the face of Divine joy. The venue, Chalfonts Scout Camp, was amidst woodland with tall, majestic trees all around. In the grounds was the main Puja pendal along with other stalls...

Monday 29th May

Impressions of Sahasrara Puja 2006 - II

I had often wondered what a Puja would be like in England. I became a Sahaja Yogi not long after Sri Mataji moved away from Britain, and over the last decade I have travelled to see Her in India, Italy and other parts of the world. This was my first Puja with Her in the UK.

Monday 29th May

Impressions of Sahasrara Puja 2006 - III

“This can’t be England” had been my first thought on arriving at Chalfont St. Peter, “No - it must be Pune in early spring”. After a number of weeks of bitter cold, the skies were blue and it was very hot that day. A large group of Indians seated beneath some trees in their customary fashion added to this feeling.

Monday 29th May

Impressions of Sahasrara Puja 2006

We have posted a selection of impressions of the Sahasrara Day Puja celebrations written by Yogis from around the UK. You can find them on the Sahasrara Puja page here. Please feel free to add your own recollections and comments as you think of them. Jai Shri Mataji.

Sunday 7th May

Sahasrara Puja

The Puja started at around 22.20 in the main pendal at the Puja Camp in Chalfont. Shri Mataji arrived to be met by the sound of pipes wafting gently on the evening breeze. The puja itself lasted around one and a half hours and was amazing as you can imagine. It was broadcast live and ended at 23.53. We are currently sitting eating Prasad in the heart of the universe, so please forgive us if we cannot write a more complete account right now. A full report will follow soon with photos. Jai Shri Mataji.

Saturday 6th May

Sahasrara Day - Day 4

Saturday dawns, beautifully clear and bright once more, and we find ourselves in the middle of an astounding Puja weekend. The camp numbers swell as bus after bus delivers Saints from afar, while the facilities start to work their magic and suddenly we are in a new dimension; a place beyond time, beyond thought, beyond space.

Saturday 6th May

Sahasrara Puja 2006 at Chalfont Scout Camp

Sahaja Yogis from all over the world have arrived to celebrate the opening of the Sahasrara Chakra by the Adi Shakti.

Located in a beautiful country setting just to the West of London, the Chalfont Heights camp has been transformed into a wonderful oasis of peace, joy and spirituality. The weather has been marvellous, with only a few clouds to cool us down, while the facilities and surrounding nature has helped everyone to move slowly into a more meditative mood.

Thursday 4th May

Puja Preparations - Day 3

Brilliant sunshine and a crystal blue sky greet us on Day 3 of the camp preparation. The main structures of the camp are now in place, gleaming ivory palaces waiting to be decorated and filled and gradually the attention shifts to the important essential services.

Wednesday 3rd May

Puja preparations at the camp - Day 2

Day two and the camp begins to take shape, a glorious tapestry of white and green. The large pendal is erected in an incredibly fast time; one minute a frame of metal and bolts, the next a gleaming white terrace of love.

Tuesday 2nd May

Work begins at the Chalfont camp

Today at 08.35am, the first of the contractors moved in to the scout camp at Chalfont St Peter, to begin the task of building a new Jerusalem in the English countryside. Facing them, a field, some outbuildings and around 40 acres of beautiful and ancient woodland. The challenge, to build a glorious tented village worthy of the over 2000 saints who would be spending the next few days living here.

Saturday 29th April

Puja celebration at Chiswick House

NEWS: We are hoping to transmit a live video broadcast of the small Puja scheduled for Sunday evening on the 30th April at the Chiswick house. As always dear Brothers and Sisters, we do not have details of times right now, so please check back here regularly beforehand.

The Puja will celebrate Akshaya Thrithiyai through the worship of our Holy Mother as Shri Mahalakshmi. On this day it is auspicious to begin new ventures, and our good deeds are repaid with blessings from the Goddess. It is celebrated as a time of giving and receiving.

Update: The broadcast ended at 21.57.

Friday 28th April

Live music programme Friday 28th April

NEWS: We are hoping to broadcast a live video stream of a children's music programme for Shri Mataji which is scheduled to be held in the evening of Friday 28th April at the Chiswick house. It is likely to be happening between the hours of 18.00 and 22.00 GMT, but please keep checking back for more details which we hope to provide soon.

UPDATE: The children's music video programme was broadcast at 22.15. The program ended 22.35.

Tuesday 25th April

More photos of Chiswick Town Hall

Dear Brothers and Sisters, here are some more photos of the reception at Chiswick Town Hall placed on the Bubbleshare service by Clive Bates. Please enjoy!

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Click on the photo itself to go to the main album

Sunday 23rd April

St George's Day

The 23rd of April is a special day in the UK calendar. On this day William Shakespeare was born (23 April 1564) and England celebrates also St George, the country's patron saint. We in Sahaja Yoga also know this day to be very auspicious as St George is known to be the incarnation of Shri Bhairava, and so it was with great joy that we learned we were to be allowed to celebrate this day with our Holy Mother here in the heart of the universe.

Saturday 22nd April

Shri Mataji arrives in the UK!

So at last the momentous day has arrived. At 18.00 hours on 22nd April 2006, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the Queen of our Universe, arrived at Heathrow Airport in West London at the beginning of an historic visit to the United Kingdom.

The party was greeted at the airport by a small group of Sahaja Yogis and Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. graciously agreed to attend a reception that had been arranged for them by the UK collective in Chiswick Town Hall, which is literally a few minutes away from the residence they will be using during their stay here. All day Yogis from across the UK had been arriving at the Town Hall to prepare for the hoped for arrival, and the hall had been filled with the happy sounds of children, teams of Yogis preparing the halls and bhajan practice.

Friday 14th April


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