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Thursday 17th April

Shri Mataji leaves Pratishthan Pune – 17 April 2008

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Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. left Pratishthan for Mumbai this afternoon. This current trip to India has been for nearly half a year. It had begun with a couple of months stay in Delhi/NOIDA, arrival to Pune via Mumbai and Vashi Hospital, stay in Pune for nearly four months and an interim visit to Chhindwara for the birthday Puja. This was a very joyful and divine visit for all in which She blessed everyone with many Pujas and ‘Darshans’ (divine appearances).

At Pratishthan, in the morning itself, Sahaja Yoginis drew beautiful Rangoli decorations on the pathway leading from the end of the house to where Shri Mataji’s vehicle is parked under its hangar. Arches with flower decorations were also put up on the path. Pratishthan bore a very festive look.

Around 2 pm Aarti was performed to Shri Mataji. Flower laded trays were brought before Mother. Shri Mataji appreciated the flowers by smelling them. Flower bouquets were placed at Her Holy Lotus Feet. Perfume was applied to Her wrists. She then left to board Her vehicle. Shri Mataji acknowledged all who had come to bid Her farewell and then left for Mumbai Airport. She took the evening flight for Dubai from Mumbai.
Sunday 13th April

Shri Ram Navami

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Shri Ram Navami Puja was offered at the Holy Lotus Feet of our Mother late in the evening of 13th April 2008 at Pratishthan Pune. 
Shri Mataji came to the main hall of the house appearing very beautiful. On Shri Mataji’s arrival the swagat geet was sung and an aarti performed. 
A garland of predominantly white flowers was placed at Her Lotus Feet. Then small children offered flowers. The Puja began after seeking Her permission. Shri Ram Bhajans were performed while the Puja was going on.  Shri Mataji then vibrated various Puja offerings . Aarti was performed and then the Devi's decorations were removed to end the Puja. 
Shri Mataji blessed everyone.
Monday 7th April

City of Pune honors Shri Mataji & Sir C.P

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Shri Mataji & Sir C.P. were honored by the City of Pune on the 07 of April 2008. The day chosen for the honor by the Pune Municipal Corporation was their Wedding Anniversary.
A couple of days before the event Shri Mataji was presented the Invitation Card to the event in Pratishthan. Shri Mataji accepted the invitation presented on behalf of the Mayor of Pune to grace the felicitation program by Her presence. She also observed the newspaper reports that had been published for the upcoming event.
On the evening of 07 April 08 'Maan Patra' (Letter of Honor) was bestowed upon both Shri Mataji & Sir C.P. individually by the Pune Municipal Corporation for their contributions to society. During the felicitation it was announced that the city of Pune was honored by honoring them..
The Pune Municipal Corporation was presented an idol of Shivaji on behalf of Shri Mataji.
Around five thousand Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis were present in the ceremony – around a couple of thousand inside the Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir auditorium and many more on the lawns outside where projector screens were put up to show the proceedings taking place inside.
Sunday 6th April

Gudi Padwa Puja at Pratishthan Pune.

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Gudi Padwa Puja was held on 06 April 2008 at Pratishthan Pune.

Two garlands were placed at the Holy Lotus Feet of our divine Mother. Perfume was applied to Her wrists. Her Lotus Feet were decorated with 'Payals'.

Gudis (Colored cloths atop which an inverted ‘Lota’ vessel is kept) were kept in the foreground. These symbolized the beginning of the New Year in the Shalivahana tradition.

Shri Mataji vibrated the Puja prasad. This was later offered to the Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis who were meditating outside in the main hall and singing bhajans.
Monday 24th March

Flight Pune Nagpur 17 & 24 Mar 2008

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In the afternoon of the 17th March 2008 Shri Mataji along with Sir C.P. took a flight from Pune to Nagpur so as to go from there to Chhindwara for the Birthday Puja festivities. Nagpur is the nearest airport to Chhindwara.
The flight was occupied solely by Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis- 171 of us in all. By the time the yogis and yoginis completed their check-in for the flight the airline ground staff started saying 'Jai Shri Mataji' to each one as we boarded the flight.
Sunday 23rd March

“You have to forgive” - Easter Puja Talk

“All of you who are here for the Puja, I don’t know how you have managed to come. Otherwise it’s a very important day today for all of us, because you know how Christ died. He was crucified. He was put on a cross and He died.  

He spoke about you people. He asked for forgiveness for all. What we have to learn from His life is the way He knew how to forgive - all of us.

We have to forgive people. That seems to be very difficult for people to forgive and if you are angry, then one cannot forgive. Then you are not anymore a Sahaja Yogi; as Sahaja Yogis you must forgive. That is very important; because that is the power you have won - from Christ.  

Human beings make mistakes, that is a part of their life, but at the same time as Sahaja Yogis you must realize that you have to forgive, that this is much more important than getting angry. So to forgive people you have done something wrong, according to you or according to God, you have to forgive. And you will be surprised that the forgiveness is such a great and fine quality. If you can forgive, people will become extremely pure. 

Thursday 20th March

Felicitation Program

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On the 20th of March 2008, a day before the Birth Day Puja, a program was held to felicitate Shri Mataji on Her Birthday.
The program began with a dance choreography by NGO NOIDA children depicting the life of Shri Mataji right from Her birth to the spread of Sahaja Yoga by Her.
Shri Mataji, along with Sir C.P., arrived on the stage that had been very recently constructed in the Puja premises.
Tuesday 18th March

Visit to Shrine- The Birth Place

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Almost immediately after arriving at the Puja venue on the evening of 18th March 2008 Shri Mataji desired to go to Her Birth Place in Chhindwara town, a few kilometres away from the venue.
The convoy of vehicles that had arrived from Nagpur and had just parked in the campus of 'Nirmal Sthaan' - Shri Mataji's home in the Puja premises was asked to turn around, much to their surprise. Caretakers of the Birth Place, now popular as the 'Shrine' amongst the people of Chhindwara, were informed of  Mother's impending visit and the convoy sped off to the shrine.
Tuesday 18th March

Arrival at Puja Venue

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On the evening of 18th March 2008 Shri Mataji arrived at the Puja venue in village Linga, Chhindwara. After arriving from Pune on the evening of 17th March Shri Mataji had stayed the night at Nagpur and then undertook the 120 kilometres journey from there to Chhindwara by her vehicle on the 18th of March.

The weather here was very hot earlier but in the afternoon lightning in the sky announced Her arrival and a few light showers of rain fell. The weather became pleasant hereon and remained so for all the days that the Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis remained there.

Sunday 9th March

Mahashivratri Puja

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Shri Mataji arrived at Nirmal Nagari late in the evening of 09 Mar 2008 for the Mahashivratri Puja. Trumpets and drums were being played near the gate from where Shri Mataji entered the venue. Sahaja Yoginis and Yogis, dressed in traditional south Indian sarees & kurta-pyjamas, welcomed Her with Diyas (earthen lamps) in their hands. After spending some time in Her room that is adjoining the stage, Shri Mataji appeared before the Sahaja collective assembled at the venue from around the world.

Thursday 6th March

Mahashivaratri Puja at Pratishthan

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On 6th Mar 2008, the day celebrated as Mahashivaratri in India, a Puja was performed to Shri Mataji at Pratishthan.

The Puja served as a prelude to the upcoming Mahashivaratri Puja that is scheduled for the weekend of 08 and 09 Mar.

Shri Mataji watched the proceedings with keen interest. She appeared amused and smiled when a little girl came forward to offer flowers at Her Holy Lotus Feet.

The were a lot of flower decorations tonight. Arches decorated with flowers were put up immediately outside Shri Mataji's Room as well as on the entrance to the hall. A big throne, also decorated with flowers, was put up for Shri Mataji from where She accepted the Puja. A 'Nandi' bullock - the vehicle of Shri Shiva was placed in front of the throne  and a Trishul (Trident) was there on the right side of Shri Mataji.

Saturday 1st March

Sadhana didi's belated birthday celebration

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The first of March 2008 witnessed the belated birth day celebrations of Sadhana didi at Pratishthan Pune.

Immediately after entering the hall with Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. Sadhana didi called all the children to come near her and Shri Mataji. The children subsequently presented various dance and song sequences. It was a spontaneous event with very little prior practice as the children had rehearsed the sequences quite some time back for didi's actual birth date in the beginning of February.

Sadhana didi handed the knife to Shri Mataji and the birth day cake was cut jointly by Shri Mataji, Sir C.P. and herself. Didi then referred to Mother's saying that there is no future, there is no past but only the present. She said that hence it was not only her birth day but the birth day of all of us.

Sunday 10th February

Shri Ganesh Birthday- Shri Mataji's speech

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Today is a very important day for all of us Sahaja Yogis, because today Shri Ganesha was born. Shri Ganesha is whom we worship and because of whom we got our realization. However much you may remember Him, until you do not know His special qualities, you cannot attain Him. His special quality is that He is the embodiment of purity (shuddha swaroop) and complete Master of the Universe. He is the incarnation of the Supreme, of Brahman.  

Wednesday 30th January

Shopping trip - 30th of Jan 08

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Shri Mataji went for a shopping trip on the 30th of Jan 08. She along with Sir C.P. went to one of the new shopping malls that have come up in Pune in the recent past. 
Shri Mataji remarked to the accompanying Sahaja Yogis that Pune now has big malls and big new shops, after observing the same in her recent shopping trips in Pune.
Shri Mataji spent some time looking at the things available in the mall. She mostly bought articles for children. These included children's clothes as well as a kitchen utensils play set for small children. She also bought a watch for gifting. After spending a little over an hour in the mall Shri Mataji returned to Pratishthan.
Saturday 26th January

Republic Day Celebrations

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Shri Mataji celebrated the 59th Republic Day of India with Sir C.P. and the entire collective of Pune on the sprawling lawns of Pratishthan.

The program began by the unfurling of the National Flag by Shri Mataji. The National Anthem was sung with great fervor and respects by the whole assembly of Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis which was standing in unison.

Shri Mataji then saw the pilot vehicle made for spreading the message of Sahaja Yoga which is equipped with all publicity material to do so as well as loud speakers to announce Sahaja programs in towns, villages and remote areas.

The children then danced to patriotic songs and Shri Mataji appreciated and enjoyed the performances very much and was smiling almost throughout the performances. Later when Shri Mataji was asked whether She would like to address the assembly gathered there She said in Hindi that by seeing evrything today "Mera jee (man) bhar aaya hai" implying She was overwhelmed with joy.

Friday 18th January

Shri Mataji's shopping trip

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Shri Mataji decided to go shopping on the morning of 18 January. She along with Sir C.P. went to a fabrics shop. Shri Mataji spent quite some time in the shop choosing different fabrics in different colors for Sir C.P and Her relatives. She touched, felt and enquired about the fabrics.

In the meanwhile Sahaja yoginis who had gone along with Her selected some slippers from an adjacent shop and brought them over to Shri Mataji for Her selection.

Shri Mataji choose suit pieces, ties and slippers and in the process made everyone laugh many times with Her wit and humour. A sales person in the fabrics shop bowed to Shri Mataji's Lotus feet and She blessed him by saying "Anant Aashirwad" ('Unending Blessings').

Thursday 17th January

Sakshat Sankranti Puja in Pratishthan

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Shri Mataji expressed the desire to have a Puja today and in a short time preparations were done and a few Sahaja yogis and Sahaja yoginis were invited for the same. After the customary Puja ceremony ended with the Aarti all present were pleasantly surprised when Sir C.P. asked Shri Mataji if She wished to speak.

Shri Mataji spoke on the microphone and announced that today is Sankranti. She said that Sankranti meant the happening of something new. That with the awakening of the Kundalini within us we have become new. But on the day of Sankranti we should know that we should appease the Devi residing within us and should know how to please the Devi. Referring to the customary ritual of Makar Sankranti when we give Til & Gud sweets (sweets made of Jaggery and sesame seeds) to others She said that this is for spreading love amongst ourselves. She said we should thank the Sun a lot. Because of the Sun's grace so many things happen.

Monday 7th January

Shri Mataji in Pratisthan Kitchen

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On the evening of 23rd December 07 Shri Mataji came to the main Kitchen of Pratisthan to the pleasant surprise of the Sahaja yoginis working in the kitchen. Shri Mataji stayed there for around two and a half hours detailing various recipes for food to be cooked and minutely observing and guiding the yoginis in preparation of various dishes.

This was inspite of the fact that She had a long travel from Mumbai to Pune the very same day and had also blessed the Sahaja Health Centre at Vashi by Her visit earlier in the day.

Shri Mataji got various Indian dishes prepared that evening. She not only detailed the recipes but throughout the process of preparation of the dishes She guided the yoginis on when to put the ingredients and when to do what. Shri Mataji got each dish prepared under Her guidance and then moved on to the preparation of the next dish and thus spent a very long time in the kitchen. After preparation of the first dish, which was a chicken dish Shri Mataji tasted the chicken. Then various other dishes were prepared like Ladies Finger, Potato with Methi -a green leafy vegetable and Pulses. The yogini looking after the kitchen informed that Shri Mataji later commented that now food from Pratisthan kitchen was the way She had desired.

A yogini staying in Pratisthan said that when they had the food that night she felt deeply satisfied.

Tuesday 1st January

New Year Celebration

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The evening of 31st Dec 07 witnessed the celebration of the New Year Eve at Pratisthan Pune. Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. graced the occassion by their presence. First the chidren presented a skit and dance to Shri Mataji. Then Shri Mataji heard a couple of bhajans. It was still some time for the midnight clock to strike and Shri Mataji decided to cut the New Year Cake then. The Sahaja yogis and Sahaja yoginis from various countries, who were present in the big hall at Pratisthan, celeberated the ushering of the New Year 2008 by their Mother.

Tuesday 25th December

Christmas Puja

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Around fourtteen thousand yogis gathered to offer their heartfelt prayer and Puja to Shri Mataji in her Shri Jesus form, in Nirmal Nagri on 25th December 2007. The venue sported a very special look this year. A lot of developments were seen over the last year. The roads were leveled. The complete sitting area for all the yogis and yoginis in front of the main stage was not only leveled but had a concrete floor. At places tiled pathways could be seen leading to the main sitting area. Internal transport vehicles were tirelessly trying to help the senior citizen to ply. A lot of stalls had come up offering Indian goods and meals.

Sunday 23rd December

Shri Mataji arrives in Pune

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Early in the evening of 23rd Dec 2007 Shri Mataji arrived at Pratishthan, Pune. Shri Mataji received flowers from the yuvashakti present in Pratishthan. She appeared very pleased and passed remarks in Hindi to the effect that Pune is very special and so are the people here ("Yahan ki hawa hi aur hai, yahan ke log hi aur hain"). Little girls dressed in traditional Maharashtrian sarees offered their pranams to Her. Aarti was performed to Her and a garland was placed at Her Holy Lotus Feet. The whole of Pratishthan was variedly decorated and wore a very festive look to welcome the Devi. We all pray that Pune will continue to receive similar blessings from the Devi for more years to come.

Sunday 23rd December

Sahaja Health Centre visit

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Enroute to Pune from Mumbai on 23rd Dec 2007 Shri Mataji decided to stop at the Sahaja Health Centre at CBD Belapur (Vashi) in the afternoon. She was welcomed by the Doctors near the entrance gate with the Aarti. All the yogis and yoginies being treated there were very ecstatic about her visit. She then proceeded to the Meditation Hall. Shri Mataji asked how many yogis were usually being treated and how many there were at present and how they were accommodated. She also enquired from which countries they came from. She enquired which diseases were treated at the hospital and was informed of a long list. Shri Mataji opened Her palms and asked the yogis and yoginis to open their palms towards Her and then enquired whether all could feel the cool vibrations. All of them raised their hands in the affirmative. She praised the doctors for their hard work and proceeded to Pune.

Sunday 23rd December

Departure from Mumbai

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On the morning of 23 Dec 2007 Shri Mataji had breakfast on the 26th floor apartment of Kalpana didi. From where Shri Mataji sat there was a majestic view of the Sea and the surrounding high-rises. Shri Mataji was in a very conversant mood and enquired a lot about the surroundings, about her great grand-daughter Tarini and spoke to all who were present and asked their names. Shri Mataji fed Tarini with her own hands and held her water bottle while little Tarini drank from it. It was delightful to see our Divine Mother’s display of affection. She was requested permission to be driven to Pune which She granted and Mother's convoy left for Pune a little before noon.

Saturday 22nd December

Kalpana didi's birthday

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Kalpana didi celebrated her 60th birthday on the 22nd of Dec 2007. The celebration was held at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai which has a picturesque view of the Gateway of India and the Arabian Sea behind. The function was attended mainly by friends of Kalpana didi and her husband Mr. P.K. Srivastava. On her arrival at the hotel Kalpana didi was greeted by a few yogis and yoginis present there. The function was graced by the arrival of Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. who had flown into Mumbai from Delhi to attend the same before their journey to Pune. Shri Mataji looked very beautiful dressed in a bright red sari. Kalpana didi cut the birthday cake and offered it to Shri Mataji and to Sir C.P. Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. then departed to Kalpana didi's house.

Thursday 20th December

Shri Mataji Arrives in Mumbai

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On Thursday 20th December 2007, Shri Mataji arrived in Mumbai from New Delhi along with Sir C.P. Even though it was late in the night, Shri Mataji appeared to be very alert and observant. Shri Mataji gave darshan (holy glimpse) to all the yogis assembled outside the Mumbai International Airport Arrival Lounge. The joy of the yogis who obtained the darshan knew no bounds. Then they went straight to the house of Kalpana didi for their brief sojourn at Mumbai. Kalpana didi took her grand-daughter Tarini to Shri Mataji who kissed her with love. Aarti was performed to Shri Mataji and food was served. Then Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. retired for the night.

Thursday 22nd November

Shri Mataji visits Nirmal Prem ashram- NGO at Greater Noida, India

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Children of NGO, Nirmal Prem Ashram, at Greater Noida- the Home for Destitute Women and orphan children- and the Sahaja Yogis were once again blessed by the visit of our most holy Mother Shri Mataji On 22nd November afternoon.

Holy arrival of Shri Mataji at the Nirmal Prem Ashram was welcomed and greeted by the Children of NGO, the inmate teachers, the authorities, a few Sahaja Yogis and the organizers from the Society with the chorus of the welcome bhajan Swagatam… Swagatam followed by Arti.

Saturday 17th November

Book release - Urdu version of "Lal Bahadur Shastri – A Life of Truth in Politics" by Sir. C.P

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In a special event of inaugural ceremony the book on Lal Bahadur Shastri, the Late Prime Minster of India (1964-1966) -“A Life of Truth in Politics”- written by Sir C.P Srivastava and translated by Prof. Abdul Haq in Urdu was released by Mr. M. Hamid Ansari, Honorable Vice President of India. The occasion was hosted by the Sahaja Yoga Trust at the Convention Hall in Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi, India on Saturday, 17th November 2007.
The total number of dignitaries the special invitees and the Sahaja Yogis who attended that evening’s function could have been anywhere around 1000 in the Ashoka Hotel.
The entrance pathway of Ashoka Hotel sported a very special look that evening with everything brightly lit up. Almost at fifteen past two H.H.Shri Mataji arrived at the Ashoka hotel along with Sir CP and other family members. 
Sunday 11th November

Diwali Puja

Diwali puja was peformed in Nirakara form to Shri Mataji on  third day of the seminar. Around 20-25 thousand Sahaja Yogis worshipped Shri Mataji on this auspicious occasion. The meditation began with the three Great Mahamantras at 3:30 pm followed by several Bhajans.

Puja started at around 8 PM and had wonderful Bhajans. Everyone enjoyed the puja and filled with tremendous vibrations.  The collective meditation after the Puja was very powerful. Later the Jogwa and other bhajans filled the air with a festive mood and made the collective dance and enjoy the blessings of Mother that was over pouring in form of vibrations all around.

Saturday 10th November

Musical Night with Shri Mataji - Diwali Puja

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The second day of Diwali Puja seminar started with a session for Yuvashakti. Many vital aspects for the Yuva shakti were touched upon as a part of information
and actions initiated. Various techniques that could be adopted for propagation of Mother’s messages and taking the self Realization programme in the corporate
sectors were also discussed. Protocols in Sahaja Yoga were also discussed.

There was a separate session on spreading Sahaja Yoga through Internet. The activities of SITA( Sahaja Internet Team) have been discussed. Several SITA projects had helped to propagate the Sahaja Yoga in internet. It is also advised that Sahaja Yogis use the discretion while forwarding the lectures and quotes of Shri Mataji through internet and Email as there are chances that some one might mis-lead by modifying or manipulating the lectures of Shri Mataji. Speaker had pointed out few instances where fake lectures from unauthorized sources were circulated in emails. All Yuvashakti brothers who have access to internet are discouraged to forward the lectures of Shri Mataji in electronic form.

Shri Mataji greeted everyone with the notes of ‘Happy Diwali’ at the very beginning, addressing all the Sahaja Yogis. She spoke in Hindi. The message from Shri Mataji continued for 80 minutes.

Friday 9th November

Musical Evening - Diwali Puja

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The first day of  Diwali Puja seminar on 9th November Friday began with a very powerful Havan in the main pandal. Later, in the evening there was a grand musical programme that continued till late night.

The musical evening had a colorful and vibrant variety programme where various artists from all corners were encouraged to render their wonderful and brilliant performances. The performance continued through late night.

 The collectivity had the opportunity to listen to a number of beautiful songs, bhajans and Ragas. Sahaj artists like Deepak Verma, Dr.Arun Apte, Rajesh, Mukhiram, Pt.Subramanium, Lata Dhumal, Dhananjai Dhumal and Chhaya, Shyam Jain with Guruji from Nirmal Sangeet Sarita rendered their best of performances.

Wednesday 7th November

Dhanteras Puja

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In a very special gathering of 15 to 20 devotees from the India Trust availed  the opportunity to offer a small Dhanteras Puja on 7th November 2007 on behalf of the world collective marking the first day of the Diwali Celebration week called Dhantryaodashi at Her Holy Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji in Her Gruha Lakshmi Form.

Shri Mataji through out had a very radiant face with all fragrance around. The blessings from Shri Mataji our most holy Mother in Her Gruha Lakshmi Form as if was showering with the reflection of Her looks that emitted compassion and the kind acceptance of the Dhanteras Puja at Her Holy Feet.  It was almost 15- 20 minutes small puja in the ‘Noida house’ where Shri Mataji is currently residing. We Her children of the world collective express and place our heartfelt gratitude and prayers at Her Holy Feet as She accepted our puja on this day.

Symbolically, this day signifies the ‘housewife’s day in Indian tradition. Preferably as a gesture of warmth and pleasing the Gruha Lakshmi aspect kitchen utensils ornaments or gift in any form are purchased by the Indian homes on this day. 


Friday 26th October

Arrival of Shri Mataji in India - New Delhi on 26th October 2007

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It was after a long wait that children of our most holy Mother Shri Mataji once again were blessed by Her arrival at the New Delhi International terminus at 10 PM on 26th October. The Delhi airport premises witnessed the presence of more than 1000 Sahaja Yogi brothers and sisters who had come to receive and greet their most beloved Mother in the land of Kundalini.

With the glimpse of Shri Mataji at the Delhi Airport, the Sahaja Yogis tuned up in joy singing the welcome bhajan "Shri Jagadambey Aayi Re" collectively.  The vibrations were phenomenal. It escalated with Her glimpse as She gestured and greeted the Sahaja Yogies who had come to welcome Her. The compassion and the love for Her children could be tangibly felt within. It was a joy beyond expression.